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Clinical Project Manager

Posted in on July 4, 2016

Job Type

Full Time


London, United Kingdom

Description :

Clinical Project Manager

Job description

A junior Project Manager to provide project management support to the three clinically managed networks which make up the London Neonatal Operational Delivery Network.

The health Programme, who aim to decrease mortality and morbidity for children and to improve life chances of children under 19 years and promote better health and wellbeing.

The Network are seeking a Junior Project Manager to work collaboratively with clinical leads and the central London management team to plan, organise and deliver a portfolio of projects to improve neonatal outcomes and patient experience across London. This is a varied role and is crucial to the effective day to day running of a centre in  London.

Applicants should have excellent project delivery, administration and communication skills to facilitate improved outcomes across complex geographical, organisational and professional boundaries.

Salary: £29,000.00 /year

Clinical project managers also might supervise and assess the performance of clinical team members and train team members on daily clinical operations. In addition, these professionals must maintain good relations with investigators and sponsors, which might include physicians, medical research staff and outside consultants. They essentially serve as liaisons between study sponsors, investigative sites and the clinical research organization. Clinical project managers must ensure appropriate resources are available for a project and resolve project conflicts and issues as well.

Clinical Project Manager Skills

  • Clinical project managers must have a good understanding of project management and must possess strong problem-solving and leadership skills. These individuals should have a working knowledge of Food and Drug Administration and other regulatory requirements as well. In addition, clinical project managers should have strong scientific knowledge and research skills. Those who have an understanding of finance and the grant application process also have an advantage when working in academia and non-profit organizations, according to


  • Clinical project managers usually must have a bachelor’s degree or above in an applied science field. For example, a major in an area such as biology, chemistry, microbiology, health, life sciences or biomedical engineering is suitable for clinical project managers who work for pharmaceutical, health care services or medical device companies. Some employers actually hire only individuals with a minimum of a master’s degree in a related field. Many employers also look for job candidates who have multiple years of clinical trial operation experience. Some additionally look for individuals who have experience in writing study protocols and other technical documents.

Clinical Project Manager Outlook

  • The demand for clinical project managers remains strong with interest in pharmaceutical research escalating along with growing demand for quality health care in the United States, according to The outlook is especially strong for experienced clinical project managers who have graduate degrees.

How to apply :

Please submit your CV and a supporting covering letter to

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